Androidâ„¢: I can't see the most current magazine issue in my library, why?

If you have already upgraded to the newest version of Texture and you are still not seeing the latest magazine releases in your library,  please try the following:
 - Sign out and sign in to the Texture app, then try again.
 - Power the tablet off and back on. You will have to hold the power button for several seconds and then the tablet will ask you "Would you like to shut down?" > click OK. If you don't see this question, the tablet isn't truly off, it's just in sleep mode.  Then try again.
 - Clear the application's memory and data (note: this will erase the downloaded magazine issues on the tablet and log you out).  From your Android™ Applications Menu:

  • Settings > Apps > Texture > Force Stop
  • Tap Clear Cache [OK]
  • Tap Clear Data [OK]
  • Restart application and try again

If the suggestions above do not help, please contact Customer Support.

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